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Melanistic tiger.JPG

Melanistic Tiger

Internship project with Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan and Gretchen Halpart (SIDP-GNSI)

This was my internship project. The project was aimed to describe visual differences between melanistic (mutated) and normal tiger in a backdrop of their natural habitat.

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G2 Arrest and cell cycle

Cartoon representation of a scientific story

This illustration was done for a science communication story and was published on their website.

Plumeria Flower


My story

Since my childhood I found art as the finest way of expression. Being a student of science, I always felt that an image speaks a lot. The more I learnt, the more I felt the necessity of images and illustrations. It fascinates me when I see my passion for art plays a very important role in my academic career. During my PhD I have done several scientific illustrations that made a strong foundation of my scientific illustration skill. I must give the credit to GNSI-SIDP (Guild of Natural Science Illustrator-Scientific Illustration Distance Program) that helped me to turn my skill into expertise. Having strong passion in both science and arts, I found the scientific illustrator role is a best fit for me.

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