I am a Freelance artist, I am a Freelance Illustrator!

What is a freelance artist? Freelance artist is someone who provides art work service, he or she is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long-term. I consider myself as an illustrator so I think I can call my self freelance artist. For me, this is a wonderful and fantastic job since this is my passion. In this digital era – when almost everybody has digital camera, in the time when everything could be produced instantly – why we need an Illustrator? Below are my thoughts:

Caricature: A new way to see yourself

In this photography obsessed era pictures are everywhere. Every pose is captured in one click everything is an inspiration that needs to be captured in a camera. Caricature is an unusual and fun way to get out of the traditional photographs. It is becoming a new way to see a different side of your beauty when it is coming from a complimentary caricature.

This artwork may exaggerate some flaws or chief assets and special features that make you stand out from the rest. It is more expressive, and you can choose what you want to enhance without looking too made up just the way it does in the photos when you have too much make up and costume on. It is very obvious and off putting.

Caricature has this unique ability to make you look fabulous without looking like you are trying so hard to represent yourself. It can give you a look that is only possible as of the moment in your imagination. Say a hot body, longer and leaner legs, long flowing locks of hair.

Caricature is becoming a fun way to give someone for his or her birthday. It can give good hearty laugh and cheer for a celebrant see himself portraying such a role on an artwork.

You can frame this and place it on the wall in your home office so every time you see it you’ll have a good chuckle to yourself.

You can create one for your baby so when he/she grows up she will have a funny way to look at her childhood whether she will remember that specific moment or not.

These are some ideas when to give a caricature for a gift:

  • Birthdays
  • Christening
  • Portraits
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduation
  • Debut parties
  • Or simply any special moment you want to remember.

Cartoon profile pictures: Reasons to use one to express yourself

Avatars are fast replacing photos in profile pictures of social networking sites. Some chose to have personal avatars that look like their own doppelgangers. Cartoons or avatars are fun to! It can create a new look for you without you needing to spend so much on the make-over. You can have red hair, blue or pink curly ones whatever you fancy. You can dress up and shop everyday for new clothes to dress your avatars with. The thing with these avatars is that they can create a perfect image of you. Goodbye to pictures with bad hair days, goodbye to imperfections! Some pictures can be transcendental to mundane.
Cartoon profile pictures also protect your privacy as it can create anonymity. Say you don’t want to be too conspicuous or you want to be discreet in your profiles. They can mask your real identity.

These simple cartoon profile pictures unite people in every corner around the globe to take part in attaining a specific goal. Each goal may vary according to what kind of message they want to share. Whatever it is you cannot deny that these are effective ways to capture attention because people in every age or nationality can relate to cartoons, if they see these on profile pictures they will want to be part of it too.

Reasons to use cartoon profile pictures:

  • Can be used as a sign or symbol to advocate a cause
  • Can be effective in capturing people’s attention and willingness to join
  • Easily appreciated by all ages
  • A new way to present a fun side of yourself

The magical world of children’s books illustrations:

We all have that favorite unforgettable fairy tale picture in our mind. One we saw in our children’s book back when we just kids being read stories before bedtime by adults. Children’s book illustrations make us see the possibility of the story happening in real life. It has the ability to satisfy our imagination when words lose their power to describe.

Do you remember the first thought that came in your mind or your instant reaction the first time you saw the big bad wolf lying in little red riding-hood’s grandmother’s bed? Or how Snow White found a pretty little cottage in the middle of the forest surrounded by animals?

Isn’t just about the most amazing thing you ever saw as a child?

Book illustrations are important in making an emotion that is textually described come alive through the pages. It is the secret charm that sells a children’s book. It hooks the attention of a child who may be an avid reader and helps them understand when word meanings just can’t. It dramatizes the entire story, makes it more enticing while controlling the message that it is trying send across through the various image as compared to televisions and the visuals they provide.

Artists work hard to depict a scene that can be easily understood by young readers. Even they have to read the book and familiarize themselves with the story in order to have a guide in drafting their artwork. They meet with the children’s books authors and discuss what is necessary or needed before printing the pretty picture.

Now What?

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